Cheveldayoff says he supports Saskatchewan rules on masks in schools

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Saskatoon MLA Ken Cheveldayoff says he supports provincial guidance on mask rules, despite a social media post that suggests otherwise.

The Saskatchewan Party cabinet minister said in an interview on Wednesday that he spoke to a constituent seeking direction because she said her daughter was experiencing anxiety about wearing a mask at school.

Cheveldayoff said he advised the mother to consult a doctor to see if the anxiety warrants an exemption for mask wearing, and to write a letter explaining her situation to the school board.

He said he gives the same advice to all constituents, regardless of whether he agrees with them.

A widely shared Facebook post said Cheveldayoff told a constituent he opposes masks in schools and suggested he was encouraging a campaign against masks.

“It’s so ridiculous,” he said. “You have to be very careful of what people construe on social media and Facebook, that’s for sure.”


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