Former Metis Nation president calls for McCallum’s resignation

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In a statement on the weekend, the MN-S said McCallum contracted the virus “despite taking precautions.”

According to a CBC report, the Hawood Inn owner said McCallum ignored pleas to follow public health guidelines aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.

In a response to Durocher, McCallum described the report as “inaccurate” and said he would “never knowingly risk the health and well-being of our citizens and their businesses.”

He accused Durocher of sowing fear and division, and said health authorities are concerned that stigma surrounding COVID-19 could lead to increased transmission.

“If people feel shamed, they are more likely to continue going to work and be out in the community, which will only cause more suffering, more spread and less testing,” he said.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the MN-S issued a release in response to media reports.

“Unfortunately, there are now media stories circulating that contain inaccurate information about the steps taken by President McCallum and his staff both before and following his diagnosis,” says the statement. “MN-S has reached out to concerned individuals, in some cases repeatedly, to offer assistance, including numerous attempts to contact the owner of the Hawood Inn over the weekend.”

In the release, the MN-S says there are many inaccuracies circulating.

“At no time did the number of people in the room at the MN–S Minister meeting go over the maximum of 30 people allowed by the provincial Health Order. As well, the President and the MN–S reacted quickly to inform those in attendance and hotel staff of the positive diagnosis. The time between learning of the diagnosis, notifying those in attendance, and notifying the facilities was less than 30 minutes. Upon learning of his diagnosis, the President immediately left the premises and went directly into isolation,” it says.

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