Reigning Bronze Baby champion U of S Huskies prepared either way, season or no season

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The Huskies, who said goodbye to graduates Sabine Dukate, Megan Ahlstrom and Vera Crooks, return most of their national champion roster except for sisters Christy and Brianna Fehr.

Returnees include Libby Epoch, Summer Masikewich, Kyla Shand, Carly Ahlstrom, Katriana Philipenko, Andrea Dodig, Claudia Lomba Viana, Erin Kehrig and Janaya Brown.

“Until we hear official word on Oct. 8, we’re really approaching this year like we’re really taking the opportunity to get better, doing it in a way that’s not overwhelming,” explained Thomaidis.

“We’re going to have some fun along the way, as well. Without being able to touch a ball and train very much over the summer, we’ve had to get at it kind of in a gradual way, you could say. That’s been good, to get back in the swing of things. More than anything, it’s been awesome.”

The incoming include four recruits and Ashley de Sousa Martins, who returns to the squad. Rookies include highly touted Tea DeMong, Gage Grassick, Courtney Primeau and Anna Maelde.

“Really, it’s all about the athlete and what they want to get out of this. As a coaching staff, we’re really to be flexible,” said Thomaidis.

“We understand the workload that they have. I think all the feedback we’ve had is that online (studies) is harder than in-person (learning). We have to be aware of that and really listen to their needs and see how we can adapt our training so it’s still beneficial and have fun, but yet not feeling like it’s a grind. That’ll be the balance that will take place.

“Thankfully the weather’s been nice so far and hopefully it stays, because we’re going to do as much as we can outside before we have to be inside.”

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