Supreme Court of Canada to hear Sask. carbon tax challenge this week

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The Government of Saskatchewan’s challenge of the federal carbon tax will be heard this week by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Premier Scott Moe previously announced the province would appeal to the nation’s highest court after the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled against the province in May 2019. At the time, a 3-2 majority of justices found that the federal government has the authority to impose a minimum national price on greenhouse gas emissions.

Alberta’s Court of Appeal ruled the tax unconstitutional in March, with a 4-1 majority finding the federal program interferes in areas of provincial jurisdiction.

“We believe that we have strong legal grounds in this case, particularly considering that we’re arguing on the same grounds that saw the Alberta Court of Appeal rule the Trudeau carbon tax unconstitutional,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said Monday in a media release from the province.

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