In Focus: Pandemic looms as key issue in Saskatchewan campaign

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Garcea noted the situation inherited by Roy Romanow’s NDP government in 1991, when severe cuts were needed to restore order to the province’s finances.

“I think we may have a repeat here,” he said. “And at some point down the road here, this government is going to have to make some tough decisions, not because they want to, but because the financiers are going to demand it.”


The Sask. Party is clearly counting on faith in its response to the pandemic and its ability to lead a successful recovery to carry it to victory. One of the party’s early TV ads, released last week, features Moe speaking about a strong economy and recovery without mentioning the pandemic by name.

“The management theme, which the Sask. Party has appropriated, is that we’re the best managers,” Garcea said.

The NDP has offered consistent criticism on the province’s response to the pandemic, but the party seems to have identified perceived unease with the government’s plan to reopen schools as a key issue. Garcea said the NDP’s success historically has hinged on its ability to get its supporters to the polls, which could be hindered by the pandemic and concerns about crowds at polling stations.

The NDP has called for clearer messaging from the government on mandatory masks, while the Sask. Party regime has resisted requiring masks in indoor public spaces.

Green Party Leader Naomi Hunter also targeted schools reopening in an Aug. 7 post on the party’s website, calling the province’s strategy then a “non-plan.”
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