Misconduct hearing for Sask. nurse who blurred boundaries with patients starts Monday

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“You actions have potentially contributed to the underground economy of the drug trade among the inmate population at RPC,” the notice says. “This can increase the propensity for violence and unrest by creating and sustaining the black market currency in the institution.”

The SRNA says in both cases, McCulloch failed to recognize she was “unfit to practice nursing” and should have advised her employer and removed herself from the position.

At one point, an inmate at the Psychiatric Centre left a note for “Jessica,” apologizing for making her upset and offering to share something with her to help.

“Sorry I pissed you off this morning. I was only joking and didn’t realize you were stressed out. My bad!,” the note says. “If you aren’t getting anything good just steal a few days worth of mine. (It should make you feel better!).”

During her time at the Saskatchewan Hospital, McCulloch is accused of taking personal medication in front of patients, bringing them contraband items and R-rated movies and leaving sticky notes with confidential patient information in places where they could be seen by non-medical staff.

She is also accused of completing a patient’s puzzle knowing it would make them upset, then stating she did it to “piss him off,” and making inappropriate jokes with patients about conducting cavity searches.

The SRNA will provide the hearing virtually for members of the public. It starts Sept. 21 at 8:30 a.m. and runs from Sept. 22 to 25 and Oct. 19 to 23.


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